Choosing the right scaffolding company is never easy, especially when it’s for an important project. As the leading provider of scaffolding in Bromley, Harman Scaffolding has been working for over 30 years to provide the best scaffolding services across the South East. We can cater to all types of scaffolding projects whether it be a small or large construction you require. Our team at Harman Scaffolding are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to all things scaffolding. Give us a ring on 01892 548 895 for more information.

What is Scaffolding Used For?

Generally, scaffolding is required when construction or work is being done on a building and it needs outside access or the safety risk requires it to be put up. For example, when renovating your house, the workers will need to be able to work safely at heights and be able to access various parts of the property. Scaffolding is the needed support that workers require to do their job properly. We provide the correct resources to make sure you have the best scaffolding for the job.

Insurance With Harman Scaffolding

scaffolding in bromleyWe currently carry £10m public liability insurance under our company, which is important in the event of an accident under our scaffolding structures. This is important as in the unlikely event of any problems happening, it can pay for legal or compensation expenses. All of our scaffolding is carefully inspected before it is put up or even sent out with our team, so we do our best to ensure that no issues will arise. However, sometimes accidents happen and therefore we provide this insurance that covers both our customers and other workers that actually come in contact with the scaffolding itself. This means all liabilities are covered for and are included within the scaffolding service.

Who is Scaffolding Provided To?

Harman Scaffolding is happy to say that we offer all types of scaffolding to anyone. Whether you’re looking for trade solutions or a public project needs scaffolding, we can cater to this. All constructions and projects have many unique requirements, which is why we tailor each enquiry to its specific needs. The scaffolding we offer is scalable so both small and large projects are possible whether it be a 20ft tower or a 300ft one, we are your best source for scaffolding. Scaffolding hire doesn’t need to be complicated!

From scaffold boards and scaffold poles to scaffold towers, Harman Scaffolding does it all. Obviously, the choice will depend on your project requirement, but with the wide variety available we can assure you our team will only advise you to use the most suitable scaffolding.

Why Harman Scaffolding?

Harman Scaffolding has a proven record of customer service and support within the scaffolding industry for commercial and residential scaffolding projects. But why should you choose us to provide this service to you?

  • Risk reviews before the supply and construction of the scaffolding for added safety.
  • Variety of scaffolding options available.
  • Highly skilled scaffolders that receive continuous training.
  • Recognised by industry standards and CITB certified.
  • Top quality scaffolding for all purposes.
  • Quick & efficient scaffolding hire.

We also offer a no obligation quote system whereby you can enquire with us about your scaffolding needs and be advised by our team, but you have the choice as to whether you want to go through with the purchase. Please feel free to contact us for a free quote here.

Harman Scaffolding aims to provide the best scaffolding hire in the South East. If you’re interested in Scaffolding Bromley or have any questions for our team then please give us a call on 01892 548 895. We look forward to hearing from you soon.