Scaffolding Maidstone – Who are Harman Scaffolding?

Scaffolding MaidstoneEstablished in 1995, Harman Scaffolding is the leading provider of erected scaffolding in the South East. We have worked with a number of large commercial buildings as well as prestigious residential properties over the decades of our loyal service. Our services can be found on our site – Scaffolding Maidstone

As an independent family-run organisation, you will find us professional yet approachable. Our friendly team of experts are on-hand to advise, inform and guide you at all times, offering unbiased advice that we have learnt over many years in the scaffolding industry.

We can cater to your scaffolding requirements, whether large or small. Covering a 50-mile radius of Tunbridge Wells, we have the resources, experience and dedication to our customers to ensure that a call to Harman Scaffolding is the right one! If you would like more information from Harman then please take a look at the rest of our website or give our team a call today!

When will I need scaffolding?

You may be in need of scaffolding if you’re looking to work on a building, perhaps you are renovating your home and need to access the exterior of your home which would not normally be accessible even with ladders. If you need to work on the outside of your buildings then scaffolding is really the only option as it provides you with a solid platform to work on. Scaffolding can be used in a variety of manners so if you have individual needs then contact Harman today and they can provide you with a specific quote.

What services do you offer?

Harman Scaffolding is able to provide you with bespoke scaffolding solutions that are tailored to suit your needs. Whether you need scaffolding on the outside of your home to work on the roof, or whether you need a scaffold tower Our trained foremen will assemble and disassemble the scaffolding regardless of job size, location or industry. We have built scaffolding from 10ft to 400ft high so you can believe in our service.

Am I going to need a permit?

If you are in need of scaffolding and are worried about obtaining a permit, you might be assured to know that a permit is only required if the scaffolding is assembled on or over a public highway. If the scaffolding isn’t built over a road, pavement or footpath then you won’t need a permit! If you do require scaffolding to be over a public highway then we will be able to organise a permit for your scaffolding. We will make sure that all required permits are in place before we begin assembling the scaffolding in your area.

What type of scaffolding will I need?

There are a few different types of scaffolding that you may require depending on your needs. A basic scaffolding tower is the usual style of scaffolding that we build since it’s the most simple and it can cater for most people’s needs. A basic scaffold tower needs nothing more than a prerequisite safety inspection in order to be used. There are more complex structures that can be assembled depending on your type of needs but Harman is able to tailor their scaffolding to your bespoke requirements.

Are your operators trained?

Every one of our foreman/operators is fully trained and have decades of experience between them. They are all fully CITB Trained and go through rigorous training programmes to make sure that they are able to provide our clients safe and sound scaffolding.

What scaffolding material is safest for my project?

Scaffold towers are usually made from steel & aluminium poles paired with wooden boards that make the walkways for the foremen to work on. This combination of these materials makes for a very sturdy and rigid working platform to achieve your goals in regards to your construction requirements. If you need any reassurance with the usability of your scaffolding then please contact the expert team at Harman Scaffolding and they can advise you.

Do you offer scaffolding to the trade and the public?

Harman Scaffolding is pleased to offer scaffolding solutions to any customer, whether it be trade or public. We know that all types of people and projects require scaffolding so we tailor our services to your requirements. Our scaffolding is scalable so whether you’re in need of a 10ft tower or 400ft, Harman Scaffolding is your best bet!

Does your scaffolding need inspection before it is assembled?

The most important factor of scaffolding is that it is safe for people to be working as well as passers-by. Poorly erected scaffolding is nothing but a risk to the people that need to use it and could cause serious injury for those who come into contact with the scaffolding whether directly or indirectly. It is because of this, that safety inspections have to be carried out before the scaffolding is used by anyone. The scaffolding will then be checked every 7 days after construction as well as any alterations as well as after any adverse weather conditions.

Is Harman Scaffolding insured?

When you are choosing a scaffolding company it is important to find their legitimacy as well as professionalism. Only professional constructed scaffolding should be used since any shortcomings in training and experience can lead to mistakes, which can comprise the safety of the scaffolding. Accidents can happen, however, which is why Harman currently carry £10M public liability insurance in order to cover any financial losses or punitive losses.

Can scaffolding be assembled on uneven ground?

In most situations, any uneven ground does not disturb the erection of scaffolding. Scaffolding is designed to be adjustable so that the entire scaffold structure is level and sound. We assure that all working platforms, as well as the scaffold in general, is even. Harman Scaffolding assures that your needs are fulfilled to ensure that your scaffolding is erected without issue.

I have a complex building, how can scaffolding work with this?

Scaffolding is modular meaning the structure of it can be flexible. The scaffolding can be altered to be used in conjunction with unusually shaped buildings, so whether you need to get around a domed roof or a church spire, Harman Scaffolding can guarantee a safe, reliable and bespoke scaffolding solution for your building. If you would like more information about our scaffolding services please visit our page on – Scaffolding Maidstone